All Brad Sugars Profit Masters memberships includes 24 hour a day access to his¬†online business tools platform called “Profit Masters” the education oortal website optimized for navigating and delivering digital business strategies content.

Valued at over $25,000; the online content consists of video recordings of Brad Sugars training programs and seminars, audio programs, interviews with industry experts, eBooks, white papers and business tools. Content on the Profit Masters Website can be streamed or downloaded to Windows and Mac computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Lifetime Members’ password protected access never expires, while Monthly Members will enjoy access as long as their subscription is kept current. As new material is recorded, it is automatically added to the existing collection found in the Profit Masters portal.


online business tools video-content

The video content section of the Profit Masters website contains online business tools videos that may be streamed to your device (not downloaded and stored). This is similar to the way popular video streaming services work (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon on Demand, etc.).

Business Basics (9 hours)

83 short videos organized in 12 weeks (video a day) addressing key topics for personal and business success. Average length of each video is six and half minutes. Many Profit Masters members enjoy sharing these videos everyday with their team to start the day on a positive note with great instruction that will benefit the entire organization.

Billionaire in Training (2 hours, 42 minutes)

Wanting Success is not enough, you have to take action… Now you can learn all the hidden wealth generation secrets from world renowned entrepreneur, author and Business Coach Brad Sugars. Inspired by his best-selling book, Brad will show you step-by-step how to: Multiply your number of customers, revenue and profits, Discover passive income and what it can do for your lifestyle, Fast track your way to wealth. Watch this seminar video and discover how to become a Billionaire in Training today!

6 Steps (1 hour, 5 minutes)

The 6 Steps Video Program features four individual videos providing an in-depth look at Brad’s system for achieving massive results in building your business. Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy and Results – these are the “6 Steps to Massive Results.” Brad Sugars goes into detail about these 6 Steps, the process ActionCOACH uses to grow businesses. Learn how your Massive Results can achieve predictable cash flow, eliminate chaos, create structure for growth, turn your business into a well-oiled machine, and help you the business owner achieve personal growth. Also find out how stability, cash flow, time and passive income, or the sale of your business can affect your Massive Results.

Entrepreneur MasterCLASS #1 – Millionaire Mindset (4 hours, 48 minutes)

This 4hr 48 min program is guaranteed to fast track your way to financial freedom. Millionaire Mindset exposes all of Brad’s proven, yet simple and easy to understand secrets to becoming RICH. You will learn the mindset required to become a successful entrepreneur, Brad’s own formula for success that he devised and followed to build his wealth, and the keys to transforming your innovative ideas into a successful business empire.

Entrepreneur MasterCLASS #2 – The Wealth Coach (2 hours, 28 minutes)

Now you can learn all the hidden wealth generation secrets of bestselling author, international entrepreneur and property investor, Brad Sugars, who at the tender age of 26 financially retired through savvy business and property investing. During this powerful video series you will learn: AllBrad’s proven strategies that will fast track your way to financial freedom and turn your business and lifestyle dreams into reality, The 5 Levels to Entrepreneur and how each stage will help secure your path to wealth,Brad’s 10 years plan to wealth, so you never have to work again, How to climbBrad’s Cash flow Ladder to earn a passive income, 6 Steps.

Entrepreneur MasterCLASS #3 – 6 Steps to a Better Business (1 hour, 34 minutes)

In Brad’s own words, “Nothing I’m going to teach you is rocket science, but what I will do is make the path to a better business easy.” ‘You can’t have a business that works without you as the owner until you first have a business that works, and prior to that, it’s got to be both commercial and profitable’. In this 1 and half hour seminar, you will learn how your business will grow through the 6 Steps … Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy and Results.

Entrepreneur MasterCLASS #4 – Successful Franchising (2 hours, 4 minutes)

Here is your chance to learn Brad Sugar’s mind blowing franchise secrets in this 2 hour seminar. Learn what has made ActionCOACH, the #1 Business Consulting Service Franchise, #49 Top Global Franchise in the World (Entrepreneur Magazine, 2006)and the winner of multiple franchise awards around the globe!

Entrepreneur MasterCLASS #5 – 7 Rules to Profit From Property (4 hours, 23 minutes)

Master the cut-throat property market by learning all the tricks of the trade from bestselling author, international entrepreneur and property investor, Brad Sugars. Over the years Brad has taken ordinary people and turned them into powerful, profitable and successful property investors. Topics include: How to hunt down the best property deals on the planet… and the rules you need to follow to make them happen for you, Understanding the property market and determining whether you are paying the right price for the property you want to buy, Getting yourself out of debt in just 5 years, even paying off your entire mortgage…The 7 Fundamental Rules of Wealth… including tips to help you stick to these rules…How to structure your property portfolio for maximum growth and borrowing capacity… and what loans Brad uses for each type of deal. Brad’s 7 Levels to Property Investing… and how to master each level.

Proven Strategies to Achieve Property Mastery (1 hour, 7 minutes)

Now you can master the competitive property market by learning all the tricks of the trade from international author, entrepreneur and property investor, Brad Sugars.Brad’s Property Mastery video reveals all his tried and tested property investing secrets that will send you on your way to financial freedom. Topics covered include: How to hunt down the best property deals on the planet, Negotiation tips that will help you seal the deal for the property you want to buy at the price you want to pay, Help you to understand the property market and determine whether you are paying the right price for the property you want to buy, Teach you ways to get the Realtor to become your best friend and negotiate on your behalf, How you can create your own wealth wheel of positive and negative cash flow properties. Filmed at one ofBrad’s seminars in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Property Coach (7 hour, 20 minutes)

In this video series, you will learn Brad’s secrets for successful property investing. Topics covered include: the difference between a good and a great investment, how to get yourself out of debt in 3 to 5 years, how to get yourself investing NOW, how to renovate for profit, the three recommended property deals, the 7 levels of property investing, how to structure your property portfolio… and much more!

Think, Act, be Rich (1 hour, 30 minutes)

Have you ever wondered how the wealthy become RICH? Now you can learn the secrets to becoming RICH from someone who has mastered the path to wealth – Brad Sugars.

  • In this video, Brad will teach you:
  • All the money making vehicles that he used to become RICH
  • How to stop being a paycheck junkie and become an entrepreneur
  • His road to wealth and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • How to find your reason for becoming RICH
  • How to become debt FREE and have positive cash flow
  • Brad’s 10 year plan to wealth, so you never have to work again

BusinessRICH Series (9 hours, 10 minutes)

How can you turn your business into a high performance profit machine? The BusinessRICH Seminar presented by Brad Sugars provides over nine hours of video in six parts, guiding you through the “business chassis” concept to increase your top line 10% for a 61% increase in profits.

MindRICH Series (3 hours, 10 minutes)

In just 3 hours,Brad’s MindRICH video series is guaranteed to fast track your way to financial freedom and at the same time help you create a successful and healthy lifestyle.

SalesRICH Series (15 hours, 54 minutes)

This 7 part seminar by Brad Sugars will help you turn your sales force into a profit force, and re-orient even “non-sales” people to the strategies and process of a successful sales program and team.

Action Speaks Louder than Words (14:05)

Your Profit Masters All Access Membership and the knowledge gained may just be the beginning of your business success. As Brad points out in his teachings, having a Business Coach that stands beside you, mentoring, guiding, encouraging and yes, even holding you accountable for your goals in business, is a crucial step for most business owners. This short video features testimonials from business owners in the UK, Ireland, Canada, US and Australia about the success they have enjoyed working with an ActionCOACH.

11-Webinar Entrepreneurial Webinar Series (11 hours)

We provide recordings of all 11 of the one-hour webinars in the 11-Webinar Entrepreneurial Webinar Series. You can refer back to these information packed webinars over and over again. These recordings may not be the actual webinars you attended with your Profit Masters purchase, but the content is essentially the same.


online business tools lady-headsets

The audio content within Profit Masters consists of online business tools audio files that may be streamed to your device (not downloaded and saved) similar to streaming music services like Pandora, Podcoasts, itunes, etc.

Master Mentors Audio Series (14 hours)

The Master Mentors Audio Series are 1-hour recorded interviews by Brad Sugars with world recognized leaders in marketing, sales, motivation, communication and many other disciplines. The interviews were conducted by Brad Sugars over the phone and are sure to inspire and motivate you to success.

6 Steps to a Better Business (1 hour, 5 minutes)

This audio recording ofBrad’s short workshop is designed for every business and will take you through each step to climb the ladder of business growth and have a commercially, profitable enterprise that works without you. You can’t have a business that works without you as the owner, until you have a business that works, and prior to that, it’s got to be both commercial and profitable. By listening to this presentation, you will see how your business will grow through the “6 Steps” – Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy and Results.

3 Steps to Profitable Marketing (1 hour, 6 minutes)

Brad Sugars explains three practical steps you can take in marketing that will impact the bottom line of your business. This audio recording is divided into two parts.

Action Speaks Louder than Words (14 minutes)

ActionCOACH, the World’s Number 1 business coaching firm traces its beginning to a small room in a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, where Brad Sugars began developing a series of seminars and workshops to help small business owners grow their businesses. That was 1993 and since then the business has burgeoned into one of the fastest growing franchises in the world, with more than 1,000 Business Coaches operating in over 45 countries. This audio program explores the journey of dozens of clients from the UK, Ireland, Canada, the U.S. and Australia who appointed an ActionCOACH in their business, and the amazing results they achieved.

6 Steps to Massive Results (38 minutes)

Brad Sugars once again discusses the 6 steps (mastery, niche, leverage, team, synergy, and results) in a short audio program in five parts:

  1. What the Ultimate Goal of Business Should Be: To Profitably Run Without You
  2. The Basics of Starting A Company
  3. Time, Delivery and Money Mastery in Your Niche
  4. To Multiply Your Profits: Divide
  5. How to Be Successful in Life and Business

MindRICH (35 minutes)

In this condensed 5-part “sneak-peek” audio series, Brad Sugars discusses how to move from income rich to asset rich and finally paper rich. Be sure to view the entire three hour MindRICH video program from which these audio files are based.

Be x Do = Have (44 minutes)

This audio series by Brad Sugars teaches you to change your mind set in order to change the results that you receive in life and in business.

Why You Need a Business Coach (8 minutes)

Learn from ActionCOACH Chairman Brad Sugars why all business owners need to have a Business Coach. This short audio program covers the long-term strategies that coaching will add to your business, as well as the benefits of using the world’s largest business coaching franchise over an individual coach or consultant.


online business tools ebooks

The Profit Masters online business tools website contains 31 eBooks on numerous business topics that may be downloaded in pdf format to your PC, tablet or smart phone device.

ActionCOACH eBooks (10)

The ActionCOACH Innovations Series of eBooks contains 10 eBooks pertaining to Business Coaching.

  1. 5 Questions to Ask Any Business Coach Before Hiring One … (Including an ActionCOACH!)
  2. 16 Differences Between Coaching and Consulting… and Why You Need a Coach!
  3. 5 Mistakes in Team Building
  4. When Did You Last Grow Profits by 61%?…Here’s 5 Ways to Do So Today
  5. The “Accountability Factor”… Here’s How to Make it Work for You and Your Business
  6. Coaching. Not Just For Sports
  7. The 4 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make Trying To Generate Leads
  8. 4 Easy Ways To Generate Repeat Business
  9. 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make In Their Business
  10. 6 Mistakes To Avoid Using Social Media

Brad Sugars Instant Series eBooks (21)

The Instant Series of eBooks includes 21 titles ranging from the use of brochures to using radio and the yellow pages. You won’t want to miss these practical guides to business success.

  1. Instant Brochures
  2. Instant Business Cards and Letterheads
  3. Instant Classified Advertising
  4. Instant Closed Doors Sales
  5. Instant Direct Mail
  6. Instant Flyers
  7. Instant Host Beneficiary
  8. Instant Loyalty Strategies
  9. Instant Newsletters
  10. Instant Point of Sale Systems
  11. Instant Press Advertising
  12. Instant Press Release
  13. Instant Quotes
  14. Instant Radio Campaigns
  15. Instant Referral Strategies
  16. Instant Scripts
  17. Instant Strategic Alliances
  18. Instant Testing and Measuring
  19. Instant Yellow Pages
  20. Instant Unique Selling Proposition
  21. Instant Success Secrets Revealed


online business tools whitepapers

Six white papers on several business topics ranging from recession proofing your business to how to work less hours are found in this section of Profit Masters online business tools. Like the eBooks, these white papers are downloadable pdf files.

  1. Recession-Proof Your Business
  2. 11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base in Four Weeks
  3. 12 Essential Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
  4. How to Intentionally Attract & Build Dream Teams
  5. Walk Away From Your Business for a Lifestyle of Dreams
  6. Work at Least 10 Fewer Hours Each Week While Maintaining or Increasing Productivity and Profits


online business tools business-tools

The Tools category is a collection of 27 online business tools documents to help you examine your business, make plans, come up with ideas, and get started improving your business. They are all downloadable pdf documents and have been categorized as follows:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Testing & Measuring
  3. Templates
  4. Lists
  5. Strategies
  6. Advertisement Critique

One document in the Strategies sub-category called “5 Ways to Increase Your Business Profits – It’s Leverage!” has 344 ideas on how to boost the bottom line profits of your business.

Learn more about the 3 Memberships available for the Profit Masters online business tools platform.