Entrepreneur eLearning Series

Purchasers of Brad Sugars Profit Masters will enjoy participating in Brad’s 11-Day Entrepreneur eLearning Webinar Series. These 11 one-hour webinar replay videos are intended to be completed over a 4 week period with homework assigned at the end of each webinar so business owners can apply the material in their lives and businesses. The content of each webinar builds on the previous content delivered in the series.

The eleven topics included in the series are:


entrepreneur elearning webinar_01Life Success

Day 1 of the 11-Webinar Entrepreneurial Series, Brad discusses Life Success, covering a number of topics critical to success in life, and not just business success. Topics include: Above and Below the Line, Making the Most of Your Life, Security vs. Freedom, Wealth Over the Ages, Learn Before You Earn, Formula For Change, Your Iceberg Identity, Formula For Life Success, Dreaming Your Life, Managing Your Life, Goal Achievement, Making Plans, and Taking Action.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_02Billionaire in Training

Day 2 is a discussion on Brad’s proven strategies for wealth building. Topics include: Economic Cycles and how they affect investing, the Rich Dad, Poor Dad mindsets, what a JOB is, the 6 steps for Billionaire’s In Training, the Cash flow Ladder, the Capital Ladder, the concept of Make and Manage, establishing Rules and a Niche, the three Investment Categories, how to Buy, Build and Sell businesses, how to Invest in Real Estate, Investing in Corporate Shares.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_03Buy, Build and Sell

Brad dives into the basics of finding, buying, building and selling businesses for maximum profit. Topics include: Your Business Plan, the math of Buy, Build, Sell, Your Business Strategy – Start-Ups, Set-Ups, Franchises, Learning – owning businesses, Patience – business buying rules, Due Diligence, Valuation – cash flow, the Break-Even Point, Raising Funds, Creating the Offer, Making the Offer – emotions, Reducing the Offer, The Deal – bragability, 4 Sales Strategies.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_04Profit Multiplied

Brad looks at ways to multiply the profits that you realize in your business. Topics include: 6 Steps – the Niche, Sales and Marketing Mindset, Test and Measure your marketing for success, 5 Ways Marketing, The Rule of 10 x 10, Top 50 Marketing Strategies and more.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_05Marketing Machine

In Marketing Machine, Brad teaches you the key to successful marketing and business growth. Topics include: Buying Lifetime Customers, Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value of a customer, Cost per Lead / per Sale, Marketing Campaigns (target markets, offers, and copy)


entrepreneur elearning webinar_06Sales Machine

Brad looks at a range of topics that affect your sales results such as: Your Beliefs, Logic and Emotion, Communication, Words/Voice/Body Language, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Modalities of Communication (VAK model), Personality Profiles (DISC model), the importance of Questions, Old Selling vs. New Selling, the Question Funnel, Question Softeners, Your Purpose Statement, The Question Cycle, and Sales Scripts.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_07Retention Machine

Brad looks at why retaining customers is key to maximizing profit, and what steps you can take in your business to retain customers. Topics include: Referrals, Creating Raving Fans, customers’ Needs & Wants, Relationships built on Communication, the Emotional Bank Account, the ABCD customer scale, the 80:20 Rule, Customer Service, Innovation, Moments of Truth, Why Customers Leave, the Loyalty Ladder, the FedEx Lesson, and Retention Machine Marketing.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_08Excellent Employees

In this webinar, Brad looks at how excellent employees affect your business and how to recruit and grow them. Topics include: T.E.A.M., 6 Keys To a Winning Team, The Cycle of Business, 16 Cylinders of High Performance, the role of Pressure and Break Through, 3 Levels of Goals, creating a Simple Common Goal for your business, the Loose: Tight Culture, Synergy, RICHuals, WIFLE, and Adversity Screening.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_09Great Leaders

Brad discusses what makes a great leader in this exciting webinar. Topics include: Born or Made, Characteristics of Great Leaders, Management vs. Leadership, Denial, Excuses & Blame, Management in the Moment, Responsibility, Accountability & Ownership, Your Leadership Style, Qualities of a Great Leader, Running a Great Company, 6 Management Tips, 6 Leadership Tips, and Leading The Ship.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_10Systems Machine

Brad teaches the importance of developing systems in your business so the business runs efficiently with or without you. Topics include: SYSTEM definition, Mastery and Leverage, Destination, Vision, Goals, The Cost of Chaos, From Chaos to Control, Mastery of – Destination, Vision, Goals, Money, Break Even, Profit Margin, Reporting, KPI, Time, Self, Planning, Delegation, Delivery, Supply, Quality, Easy to Buy, Service, The 9 Steps of Systemization, Vision, Mission & Culture Statements, Smart Goals, Organization Chart, Positional Contracts, KPI’s, ‘How To’ Systems, Management Systems, Saving Yourself 15 Minutes per Week.


entrepreneur elearning webinar_11Leverage

Brad teaches the secret of leverage, and how to get there. Topics include: Other People’s Money & Other People’s Time, 6 Levels of Entrepreneurship, Building a Reputation, Getting Out of Dept, Tax and Interest, Why Invest?, What Stops You From Investing?, What Keeps You Investing?, Retire in 10 Years With Property.

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